Whitney Fordman
Portrayed by Eric Johnson
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Visage
Name Whitney Fordman
Place of origin Smallville, Kansas
Occupation Cashier at Fordman's Department Store
Private at U.S. Marine
Family Member Parents:
George Fordman (deceased)
Betty Fordman
Singificant others:
Lana Lang (formerly girlfriend)
Status deceased (Visage)

Whitney Fordman is a son of George Fordman and Betty Forman

Character HistoryEdit

First SeasonEdit

In High School, Whitney come to see Lana, he asked her to do favor to check the english paper. He didn't finish until 2. When he come to Lana's home, she told her about Clark did save Lex's life so he look surprised.She gave to him her necklace if he would win the game then back it to her. When he was jealous to saw between Clark and Lana talked other. While Whitney caught Clark to be scarecrow and he gave him Lana's necklace. He strung him put the scarecrow in the field.(Pilot)